Hilary Harley Astrological Forecast

December 2020 Astrological Forecast: 

Welcome to the New Age:  Crossing the Revolutionary Threshold

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”, George Orwell

December opens in the wake of a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Gemini and Sagittarius on Monday, November 30th.  It is the first of two eclipses which set the tone for the end of 2020, a notorious year that has brought many to their knees and reminded the rest of us that we only control small elements of our lives; the major sectors, however, macro strings are pulled and orchestrated by a Force infinitely greater than we can imagine.  Anyone with planets in the early degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces are particularly affected by this eclipse.

The larger lesson of 2020 is surrender; let go of what you cannot control and focus on what is truly important:  your health, loved ones and living honestly.  The double eclipses on November 30th and December 14th on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis drive home that there is absolutely no room, a zero tolerance, for any behavior or language that is not 100% honest.  The Sagittarius Sun aims its arrow of truth and justice high and wide, then releases it sharp and long to pierce its target.  If you seek to cut corners, sneak around or shade the truth in anyway, you will be exposed.  Speak truthfully or face the consequences. 

This is Sagittarius:  truth, the law, education, learning, and the quest to understand.  It rules the law:  as above, so below, and applies to everyone regardless of age, money, power, or race.  Slick maneuvers to wiggle around the truth or law, perhaps what worked in the past, or where you got away with anything before, simply will not work going forward.  Like a rubber ball bouncing off of a wall, it comes right back at you.

The circle of truth, honesty and the law closes in now, surrounding and enveloping us with each passing day.  First, on Wednesday, December 1st, Messenger Mercury joins the Sun in Sagittarius, sharpening our words with a blunt edge, not caring who is hurt or felled by its honest axe.  Like a baton passed from the Full Moon lunar eclipse the day before, Mercury picks up the sword of truth and carrying it forward across the winter solstice. 

For those seeking comfort in the Truth’s freedom, the circle planets is liberating.  We are amongst our tribe, friends and community.  Conversely, this planetary circle is unsettling for anyone trying to end run justice or worm their way out of honest living.  Rather, these surrounding arrows of Sagittarian truth will feel like a constricting prison out of which there is no escape.  Don’t bother even looking for one.  You either told the truth or you didn’t.

The second eclipse on Monday, December 14th slams the gavel down on the verdict.  Both Sun (our will) and Moon (our emotions) join forces in Sagittarius at this New Moon solar eclipse.  Release your arrows.  What you think, say, and project, you will become; so be extremely careful handwriting your New Moon intentions. 

The weight and gravitas of this pure, new beginning cannot be overemphasized:  Messenger Mercury closely joins forces with the Sun and Moon, and all three align with Mars, our energy and drive.  There is absolutely nothing we cannot do, be or become if we are aligned with our own spirit, truth and rightful soul path.  If you are off path, listening to spin doctors or worse, weaving illusions, denial and deceptive traps for yourself or others, the Gates of Consequence stand wide open now, awaiting you. Through the gates, your very own, custom-made harvest of plenty or punishment looms.


On the second eclipse, titans Jupiter and Saturn finish their tour thru austere Capricorn while Venus hits her final note in karmic Scorpio.   In short:  they bring IT.   Whatever you have sown, now you shall reap.  Capricorn and Scorpio never suffer fools or excuses.  Jupiter-Saturn form the planetary bridge between the interior and outer planets.  Hovering on the last, 29th degree of Capricorn, the titanic duo act as witness, judge and jail keeper.  Skimmed or shirked your soul work?  Jupiter-Saturn usher you into your personal cell, your new home until you reckon with and obey the Truth.

What goes around comes home to roost now.  Saturn will not return to its own sign Capricorn for another 30 years.  Paired with Gigantic Jupiter, Saturn seizes this momentous opportunity to make sure you understand dharma, personal responsibility, integrity, and honor.  That what you put in, you really get out of life.  If you still refuse and resist to acknowledge your part in the result, well, you will have a good, long while to sit in your cell until you DO.  With Venus at the final degree of Scorpio, she power slams the door behind her and turns the key.  Locked. 

Again:  if you have played fairly, honestly and walked your soul path, you have nothing to worry about.  You can focus on creating the future you seek to manifest.  You may even be bestowed with special honors, awards, or rewards, whether financial or personal support.  If otherwise, though, karma awaits, and no, it will not be kind.  Ask for mercy all you want; but expect your pleas to fall on deaf ears.  Heavy mid-month planetary activity does not want to hear.  You’ve had your chance to walk honorably.

The day after the second eclipse, Venus picks up the Sagittarian baton on December 15th, ensuring truth and justice prevail, especially in our relationships.  What we value in ourselves and others, whom we value in our lives, draws focus.   Venus asks:  what is meaningful and relevant about how you earn a living?   Are you pursuing work that gives you purpose as well as income?  Is it fulfilling, honest work you are proud of or passionate about?   Sagittarius Venus, Mercury and Sun seek to learn and pursue adventures that stretch us personally both in mind and spirit.

December 17th, Taskmaster Saturn enters Aquarius and paves the way for Generous Jupiter to join two days later on December 19th.   The significance of this shift cannot be overstated.  The titans unite every 20 years.  The last time was 2000, in Taurus.  Now in 2020, this pair have united at the end of Capricorn and the beginning of Aquarius, two remarkably different signs.  Capricorn is the old; Aquarius is the new.  The mission of their alliance in these two signs and at these notable degrees sends an unmistakable message:   out with the old, in with the new.

Capricorn, where Saturn and Jupiter joined forces for much of 2020, stamped a seal on established customs, traditions and ways of life that have had their say and seen better days. The Old Era is now done, done, done, over and gone with a clear, certain finality.  In quick succession, the gate to the old is firmly closed and the door to a new way is opened.  

A revolutionary threshold is upon us:   Will you cross over?

Within two days, titans Jupiter and Saturn move from dense and deadly serious Capricorn, to light, inventive Aquarius; taking us with them, we shift from the heaviest earth energy to a light, frothy frequency.  All new, all the time is on the agenda for the next 12 months.  The Titans usher us into a brand new age:  inventive, connected, avant garde, non-mainstream, highly individualized marching to its own drummer yet operating as a group, marked by networking and technology, and radical, rebellious, and revolutionary. Aquarius pushes boundaries and pushes us out of our comfort zones; gets off on exchanging information and ideas, from the simplest concept to solving steep problems to reaching for the most extreme, far-fetched possibilities. 

By December 20th, we are now firmly in the Age of Aquarius.  There is nothing too wild we can imagine.  Consider, after all, one hundred years ago electricity (ruled by Uranus and Aquarius) had just been “discovered”.  Imagine how we will live 100 years from now?  The Aquarian mind says there is no limit.  So get out of your own way and hop into your imagination.

As Einstein said, “the imagination is the gift, the mind is the servant.  Man has made the mind the master and the gift a slave.”

No more. 

We will now live the inverse of this tenet where imagination rules.  Jupiter-Saturn demand we rise to meet life in brand new ways throughout 2021.  The doorway to our new life is highlighted and emphasized by the Winter Solstice on Monday, December 21st, when both Sun and Messenger Mercury enter practical Capricorn.  Greeting us at the threshold of the next season, Sun-Mercury steer us to apply our fired-up ideas and inventive notions is a realistic, useful way.  You may have all the creativity in the universe but if it isn’t useful to your neighbor, what good is it? this pragmatic duo asks.

The best place to start solving problems and answering questions is right in our own backyard, in our own home, family and community.  We see the importance of this under the growing light of the waxing moon, climaxing to Full in its own sign of Cancer the Crab on December 29th.   Doing your own thing is great and all, says the Cancer Moon; but first, let’s connect to our own beings and our loved ones; then gradually extend care and compassion outward like great ripples, embracing each other as one, unified whole.

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November 2020: Brace for Impact

We are really IN the thick of it right now.  Some may say we are in FOR it.  Wow and how.  Either way, you can cut the cosmic weight and gravitas with a knife.  Pushed, pulled, squeezed and contorted we are. Cosmic cues abound.  Careful you do not twist yourself into a pretzel or a tangled, hot mess as you make your way through each day.  Anyone worried about the future?  If so, the best remedy is to put your head down and focus on your work, what is right in front of you.

A wise therapist told me years ago:  control what you can and let the rest go.  Expending energy on the momentous shifts occurring every day is a complete waste of energy.  This is magnified as November opens in the wake of a Full Moon on Halloween.  Tightly conjoined to change agent Uranus, the Full Moon in Taurus is a shake up and shake down of values:  whom and what we value, in ourselves, others and in life.  Opposite the Sun in Scorpio, we are shown in unmistakable clarity any misuse or abuse of our values along with power, sex, and resources – whether material or spiritual.  We see now what has been hidden, avoided and swept under the rug what we’d rather not discuss or address.
The Halloween Full Moon needs a warning label:  CAUTION:  unsettled energy and paths ahead.  Some may feel the actual ground shifting beneath them or electric currents running through their bodies (Uranus rules lightning and electricity).  Venerable customs and traditions, established structures of our lives, stalwart pillars holding reliable systems together come tumbling down around us.  Scorpio, the sign where the Sun is opposite the Full Moon is ruled by Pluto.  Think Plutonium:  this Full Moon is nuclear.
On November 1st and the days following, we still reverberate with the fractured shards warning us to pay attention.  Look for breakdowns and breathtaking breakthroughs, often intertwined.  Resist with all your might if you must but know that it is better to embrace change and now.  There is no going back from here.  We are past the point of no return.  Boat rockers and chain rattlers are in their glory.  The rest of us do what we can to smooth ruffled feathers and simply survive.  Mother moon shows us in her glaring reflection how far we’ve strayed from basic fundamentals of life:  care and compassion for each other and our Mother Earth. “Better get your act together kids,” she wags a cosmic finger.
Two days later on November 3rd, Messenger Mercury turns direct motion in Libra aligned to the lunar North Node in communicative Gemini.  It is no accident that this is election day in the United States. When any planet stations, or stands still before turning direct or retrograde, it sends extra strong energy.  In this case, Mercury sends a crystal clear, irrefutable message.  The clarity and power of the election message is strengthened the next day when the Moon conjoins the North Node.  Dispute the results all you want but a New Order is imminent.  Politically yes, but in the macro we begin the shift from 3D to 5D existence.
We are living history now.  What a time to be alive. Bear witness one and all.
The routine of our lives sits amidst the upheaval and dust stirred up between October 30 and November 4th.  Fortunately, Venus in her own sign of Libra aligns to the North Node from November 9 to the 15th.  We need all the relationship help we can get now as Venus, planet of love, money and relationships graces our lines of communication and smooths over the rough edges of our lives, partnerships and ventures.  As she challenges Jupiter-Pluto (conjoined for the final time for the next 12 years), she fosters much needed discussions about the balance of power.  Have face to face, in person conversations rather than from behind a screen, Venus reminds us.  She refines the way and opens the door graciously for her counterpart Mars as he turns direct motion on Saturday, November 14th.
For a lonnnnng two months, since September 9th, Motivating Mars has been reverse gear in its own sign of Aries.  The planet of action and initiative in its own fiery sign is especially out of its depth in passive, retrograde, reflective mode.  Ordinarily, Mars spends two months in a sign,  Due to its retrograde cycle, it spends six months in Aries, from late June 2020 to early January 2021.  Much of that time, Mars dueled with the Capricorn trio Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn, prodding us to change old established patterns.  Much of the discomfort we have felt in 2020 has resulted from this clash.
Now, on Saturday, November 14th, Mars finally revs its fiery engine and kicks into overdrive.  As Mars shifts forward motion, it is unaspected, meaning tremendously emphasized.  Think of the Indy 500:  Gentlemen, Start Your Engines, or the Apollo rocket at blast off.  Such is this moment.  The forward thrust is IMMENSE.  Do not squander this energy.   Especially as guess what?  The very next day is the New Moon in Scorpio!  Divine timing is perfect, sending a laser focused message and affording ripe opportunity.  If ever there were a time to write your intentions and sow what you desire to manifest, the New Moon on November 15th IS IT!  This is one New Moon that is raring to go out of the gate. 
With both Mars and Mercury now direct, proceed with ALL large purchases, signing contracts and deals, launching initiatives.   Harness the raw power at hand now, grab it and hold on for dear life.  If you think it’s been a wild ride so far, just wait.
Mid November is not for the faint of heart or mild and meek.  Again:  control your immediate environment as best you can and release the rest to Source and Spirit.  Flow is the key word now, especially as Neptune in Pisces prepares to turn direct on November 29th.  Watch for the unexpected, surprise and yes, perhaps shocking on November 17th and 18th as Messenger Mercury opposes change agent Uranus in Scorpio-Taurus for the final time this season. 
The first time these two dueled, President Trump was diagnosed with Covid.  Revelations, blessings as well as curve balls out of left field will unfold now. KARMA, Scorpio’s signature, is playing bigtime this week. The mysterious is unveiled and revealed increasingly through the weekend of November 21-22 as Mercury hits a bell-ringing degree of Scorpio while Venus and the Sun change signs.  Venus joins mercury in Scorpio easing our financial and psychological burdens while the Sun rolls into Sagittarius.  The Scorpio duo turns up and over what must be seen while the Sun in Sagittarius demands truth, honesty and yes, justice.
Watch for a frenzy of activity as the Moon joins Mars on Wednesday, November 25th the day before Thanksgiving.  Mind your mouth and guard your tongue carefully with considered replies to others, particularly family members on Wednesday as this day is a minefield of angry triggers.  Put your listening hat on and cue up your ears instead:  you never regret the things you do not say.  The final stretch of the month is super charged as we head into a Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini, on Monday, November 30th.  Gemini IS communication, which we often forget is a two way street: talking and thinking as well as listening and hearing.  If ever there were a time to heed the lyrics of the musical Hamilton, this Thanksgiving and kick off the holiday season is it:   Talk less, smile more.

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