Katina Makris – Healer, Author, Speaker & Radio Host

Katina Makris – Healer, Author, Speaker & Radio Host
FEATURING: Katina Makris – Healer, Author, Speaker & Radio Host

Katina I. Makris, CCH, CIH has worked in natural health care for 30+ years, as a Certified Homeopath and Certified Intuitive Healer.

Homeopathy: Having been trained by the greatest Homeopathic Masters of the world in the 1980s-90s, Katina is a treasured prescriber, with a gentle clinical and constitutional approach for Lyme disease and autoimmune illnesses. Having treated thousands of clients in her decades of private practice, Katina’s expertise is rare; with her 3 pronged method of detoxification, rebuilding depletions and damages and eradicating infectious organisms via homeopathy and natural medicine.

Spiritual Healing: A graduate of The Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing, Katina has over ten years of in depth individual counseling and workshop teachings on how to access the powerful mind-body-spirit healing pathway we internally bear, but often have forgotten how to ignite.

Her mentor, Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers has helped Katina maximize her profound skills of perception and body physiology savvy, to help individuals maximize their own healing ability, by using The Stillpoint Metaphysical Model to find out what emotional, spiritual and/or physical ‘blocks’ or wounds are trapping your own energy, and impeding healing or perhaps hampering your ability to move forward in life. She focuses on the interplay between the organ systems and their relationship to the 7 energy chakras and correlating emotional patterns. Her work is described as ‘life altering’.

AUTHOR: Katina translated her 10 year life decimating Persephone journey of personal transformation and full healing from  is diagnosed Lyme disease and autoimmune illnesses, into a multi award winning Inspirational memoir, as well as a powerfully acclaimed ‘healing bible’ with her second book, which dovetails her 35 years of professional experience as a Natural Health Care Practitioner.

Katina travels the world, offering healing skills and hope in the midst of an exploding public health care crisis, with her timely memoir and Lyme guide, “OUT OF THE WOODS, HEALING LYME DISEASE, BODY, MIND & SPIRIT”, an award finalist for Best Book in Alternative Health with USA Book News as well as her new release “AUTOIMMUNE ILLNESS & LYME DISEASE RECOVERY GUIDE, MENDING BODY, MIND & SPIRIT”. Katina is a graduate of Duke University and The Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing.

RADIO HOST:  “Lyme-Light Radio with Katina”, is a weekly radio talk show devoted to Lyme disease, in a host, guest format. Filled with information and inspiration, Katina educates worldwide listeners on a
diversity of Lyme-related topics.Broadcast from Transformative Talk Radio’s flagship station, WBLQ 1230 AM, Westerly, RI, in the heart of Lyme country, plus access to a 600 station syndicate expanded to major US cities, Australia and Europe,
leverages our audience into the multi-millions.In partnership with The Dr. Pat Show, five years voted #1 most listened to network, “Lyme-Light Radio with Katina” is a huge step forward for the Lyme disease community, enabling us to expand global awareness through the very viable medium of talk radio, with over 100 shows archived at iTunes and TransformationTalkRadio.comAs a recoveree of a ten-year chronic Lyme disease journey, I am honored to be your host. Selected by Dr. Pat Baccili for my avid Lyme disease education work, bestselling, award winning book “Out of the Woods; Healing Lyme Disease Body, Mind & Spirit” my goal is to help end the suffering and confusion surrounding Lyme disease and associated conditions. I interview the leading physicians, researchers, foundation leaders and Lyme disease recoverees on all topics surrounding the world’s fastest spreading infectious illness.

ARTIST: Painting touches my soul. Painting embraces the feelings we often cannot find words for. Painting is a passion you can not remove from your blood. It runs through an artist like water does in a river…flowing, bending, reaching. I paint because the land, the light, the colors move me to do so. It has a zen-like quality to it, where I am totally present in the moment, entwined in the strokes, in the colors, in the textures.

A few years ago I visited the Bois d’ Amours in Pont Avon, Brittany, France. The meandering river in this quaint town was the setting for a group of famous plein air expressionist artists, amongst them Eduard Manet. I was so completely captivated by the incredible light dancing on the waters, flanked by dapple lit ancient treed paths, that I could honestly feel the touch of these artists and the romance of their workings. Such instincts are what inspire an artist to pick up their brushes and paint.

Beauty, feeling, magic fill all our lives, artists merely grab the energy of the moment, holding it in their work. In a sense, we are trying to not let go of the sacredness of our private experience, which we in turn bring to others. Plein air painting is a both form of communion and communication for me.

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Listing Title: Katina Makris – Healer, Author, Speaker & Radio Host